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Artificial Intelligence Meets Human Creativity

Recomb is a think tank dedicated to studying generative AI and its future impact on our lives.


Understand Tomorrow’s Life Today

We study generative AI from all angles, including professional, ethical, technical, legal, economic, environmental, educational, and cultural aspects.

Building Knowledge

We study and catalog scientific articles, case histories, investment fund reports, and journalistic analyses that form the knowledge base of the think tank.

Thematic Insights

We involve specialists from various sectors in vertical meetings dedicated to imagining the impact generative AI will have on our lives.

Testing and Experimentation

We research, discover, and test innovative platforms based on generative AI, integrate APIs, and build GPTs.

Case Histories & Best Practices

We analyze companies, organizations, and institutions worldwide to understand how this technology is being integrated into productive activities.

Ready for the Next Evolutionary Step?

Discover how to recombine your thinking and learn to harness the immense potential of generative AI.

Knowledge and Training

We organize courses to share our knowledge and skills with professionals, managers, and decision-makers. We design tailored training paths based on specific business or personal needs.


AI for Businesses

We have the knowledge, skills, and relationships to support those who need to make medium and long-term strategic decisions. We offer specific, personalized vertical insights for each business reality.


Start Your AI Journey with Recomb

We combine innovation and expertise with the ability to make complex concepts understandable.